How to Clean Flame Retardant Work Wear

A question regarding how best a Flame Retardant Work Wear should get washed and its useful wear life gets asked by many people. It is dangerous to wear FR clothing with holes, worn or stains. Therefore, below are some of the tips on taking good care of your Flame Retardant Work Wear.

How to Clean your FR Cloth

In comparison to industrial laundering home laundering is a cost-effective and safe alternative that assists conserve the protective qualities and useful life of a FR garment. The best detergent though difficult was studied and experimented by different researchers and the right one for use was collected. Some of the detergents offered by these firms cannot be washed out over time if the washing prescriptions are followed to the latter. According to a research the best cleaning performance are offered by Liquid Tide HE and Liquid Tide. Washing the FR clothes in the hottest temperature allowed on the care label to remove dirt is recommended for heavily soiled garments. At any time the FR garments can be dry cleaned.

Reducing Shrinkage

There are several tactics that someone can employ in order for your FR garment to have the longest life possible although some FR fabrics shrink more than others. As you know when washed most FRC which include cotton shrink. Many non-FR fabrics are susceptible to shrinking no matter where it comes from be it manufacturers or fabrics companies according to a research conducted on flame resistant fabrics. Therefore, in order to counter these certain manufacturing companies manufacture all their garments to assist in accommodation of future shrinking. In the first five days of washing the garment two-thirds of a garment’s shrinkage takes place, this is very important to note.

Useful Wear Life

For your safety the following indicators should show that your garment is not safe for wear any longer to reduce any injuries. Firstly, the companies’ safety policy must be adhered to. The cloth should not be thread bare, frayed around the edges or torn and if such instances occur then the cloth should be replaced.